Zero to Hero

Zero to hero. I love this sentence. Isn’t it the coolest description to have and you are on the way to being a hero when you start something from the scratch. I adopted this for diving. As a Padi instructor , I am using this words to my Open Water students to plan and shape their future about diving so they have a better idea of what can they do. When I am motivating my students Zero to hero is the main lead that I used all the time. 2020 have been a very busy and satisfying year for me as I had many new students. As I look into 2021, I can see it will be more effience than 2020. This coming year, I have more request about Padi Speciality courses and interest – bookings about Padi Dive Master course.When I compare this year with 2020 ; There is %35 more interest about Padi dive master course. That is awesome say the least. I would like to write another detailed blog about Dive Master if there is enough feedbacks and interest. But for now long story short , You need to finish your Padi Open Water, Advance Open Water , Rescue Diver and EFR certifications. You need to have a minimum of 40 dives and a medical report to start to the course and to be certified you need to have minimum 60 dives at the end of the course. Dive Master course is a very important course. If you have a good training with a good Padi instructor during your Dive Master course , you will notice your instructor training and exam will be easier. Padi offered free e-learning to candidates in 2020 which is continuing for 2021 as well. With this opportunity, The candidate can finish the theory and exams. So the instructor have more free time in his hand and he can use this time more effectively with the candidate. For more information please sent me an inquiry. Stay tune for my next blog…

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