This may sounds like a bit of assertive sentence however many of us wishes to be our own hero. When I looked into many of my trainings and students; most of them were afraid from water or being underwater. But they became great divers after a good diving training which combined with passion about discovering underwater. Nowadays, I feel amazing to watch their growth during diving.
Fear is part of being a human, however if you know what you want and want to follow your dreams , fear can be a great push towards your success.
A few days ago I shared a questionnaire on my instagram page. %65 participants said they are afraid of diving and %35 said they did not have the time.
This actually give me an idea of how to start that %65 who has the fear for diving.
Diving , if you never tried before may sound a bit scary to start with but if you give a chance to yourself you can at least do some discovery dives.
Ones you did that, you will find out how amazing to breath under water and you will feel like you are in the space with no gravity.
Afterwards you will see that things you wanted to do but you were afraid of is giving you incredible feelings and experience of a lifetime.
You can be sure to say “YES I CAN DIVE” and want to start your dive training. After that it is ever so easy 🙂

Lets not forget it is not just what we want is important, how hard we are working and how much time we are sparing for the things that we love is as important.
Thank you for reading and see you next time.

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