Koh Tao

Before I start this blog , I would like to say a big thank you from bottom of my heart for the interest for my first blog. According to the messages I received, there are many people who would like me to write about diving in Turkey as well. Of course, I will write it with relish. But for now lets continue about Koh Tao. There are many different accommodations in Koh Tao depending on quality and comfort you are looking for. Island itself welcomes many backpackers. As a result of that there is a lot of hostels as well as resorts. Please do not compare the hostels you have here in Turkey. Because the hostels in Koh Tao is at high end for quality and comfort. But there is only one exception. If I am honest with you Canmocamp in Kas/ Antalya is the only hostel where it has the same high quality and comfort as it is in Koh Tao. I can hear you are saying what about food in Koh Tao. Please visit TheFunkyTurtle web site so, you have a detailed explanation about it. When I was living in Koh Tao , I mostly rented apart type accommodation. Motorbike is the most common vehicle to get around the island. If you rent it for long time; rental prices is not high at all. There are plenty of bars and restaurants in Koh Tao. As you can imagine seafood is very popular and traditional Thai food is just amazing. If you love spicy food , you may be addicted 🙂 However if you wish to cook your own food there are plenty of small open market around the island where you can buy your own fruit and vegetables. This is one of the most popular island in Thailand for vegan foodies. Long story short; please visit The Funky Turtle website for more information about Koh Tao. Nowadays, I am getting a lot of request about diving in Koh Tao and planning a dive trip to there. We will do our dives with Blackturtledivecenter where money is at second plan while fun and quality is top notch. I already started to plan a diving trip where we will all be so happy with the outcome. Stay tuned !!

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