Diving in Thailand – Koh Tao

I went Thailand to fulfill my dreams of diving in the big sea known as the ocean. I have been diving in Turkey for many years but always dreamed of diving elsewhere too. The first time I went to Thailand was by chance for a diving tour. Afterwards this beautiful country made me fall in love with its 12 month warm climate, food (yummy), local people who are very friendly and always smiley. Before I went to Thailand I have been diving in many different countries, including, the Maldives, Indonesia and Siberia! However Thailand was different and this beautiful country became a passion for me. I wanted to broaden my diving experience and to benefit from the wide variety of international diving instructors’ experience and mentoring. This I will cover on my next blog. Thailand ’s location in warm tropical waters and its year around climate makes it a perfect location for diving and dive training. Phuket especially has a lot of great opportunities and while the island of Phuket offers a lot of partying this is not really for me after a long day of diving. So I headed north and found a little gem called Koh Tao. Koh Tao, also known as Caretta island, can be reached after an 8 hour bus journey from Bangkok and then a 3 hour ferry ride. This may seem like a bit of a difficult journey but bus ride is amazing and 3 hours on the ferry crossing a small part of the ocean is something you should definitely experience. If you come to the island for diving which most people do, many diving schools are resorts or have accommodation as well. SO when you book your diving they can help you with your hotel reservation as well if you wish to. Koh Tao has a lot of diving sites for every level of diver. Even so, many of the diving resorts have more than one boat and they divide up the divers into different boats according to their experience. So you can experience the diving on your level. In my humble opinion I think this is an amazing service. As you can imagine, snorkeling is also awesome. If you go with one of the local tour boats for a day snorkeling trip, you will have an amazing time. On my next Blog I will talk about night life and food in Koh Tao. See you soon

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