Dive System or Instructor?

Yesterday, I asked the question of “which dive organization do you prefer and why” on my instagram page. I received over 2000 answers and most of them said they prefer some of the well known dive organizations around the world Also, people who are interested in diving have said that they follow their instructor ’s advice who taught them diving and follow his/her guidelines about the diving organisation to choose from. Specifically in Turkey, a person who wants to learn diving prefer to follow. The instructor’s suggestions rather than researching the training quality about different dive organisations. Many new diver including my own students are following their instructor’s foot steps. They are trusting to instructor more the content of different dive systems. We as the instructors are responsible for passing the high standards and right training to our students according to the organization we belong to. I would like to be clear that if the instructor is good then the diver will have the best training and he/‘she will be a good diver. I do not want to have a discussion about dive instructors or diving training in Turkey as it can go long way to discuss 🙂 Most popular diving organisation are PADI , SSI and CMAS around the world. This 3 systems is the most known organisation according to answers I got on my instagram questionnaire. I will not tell you which one came out first and most popular on my instagram questionnaire :)) Long story short, person who wants to learn diving or person who already is a diver but wants to do more courses needs to search the organisation, training materials and what they are covering. Best diver or new candidate is the one who did his research by detailed and knows what he wants. Please remember as much as this is a hobby or fun we as instructors call it “serious fun”. I am dropping the links for. Well known 3 diving organisation. I believe it will be helpful for whom that wants to do more researching. My next blog will be about the questions and comments coming from you. So please sent me a DM or email so I can answer them. Thank you and see you soon. PADISSICMAS

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